Intensive Advanced 2

Monday, May 22, 2017

Advanced 2. How to cook a Spanish "tortilla".

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Hi! I’m Anne Mooney, I’m a personal chef and the food columnist for Simply the Best magazine in Delray Beach, Florida. Today I’m here on behalf of Expert Village to talk more about eggs. This time we’re gonna talk about the Spanish tortilla.
Now, this is neither a Spanish omelette nor is it a tortilla as we’re familiar with, a little flour cake. This is a dish that is very common in Spain and usually people eat it for lunch or for a light supper and it’s an omelette, a thick omelette, that’s stuffed with potatoes and onions and it’s absolutely delicious and very satisfying. It’s just the essence of comfort food.
Unlike the other omelettes, this omelette or tortilla is typically cooked in olive oil. So we have an individual-sized skillet here with olive oil heating up and we have two eggs, the individual portion, to which I will add some cream. The Spaniards probably would add goat milk or water to these eggs, but any kind of liquid probably would do. You can use skimmed milk if you like to, you can use club soda if you want to or plain water or you can go whole hog and use cream like I am.
So there are eggs and here are / here is on Yukon Gold potato that’s been cut up into about one-inch-thick slices, fat slices. So we’re gonna put this potato into the oil first, and you can hear it sizzle so there might be a little crust on that develop on that potato and then we’re gonna add some onions. I use green onions, you can use white onions or any kind of onions you have on hand. Then once this is brought up to temperature we’ll put the eggs in and just pour them over the potatoes like so and kind of move them around so the egg is distributed evenly over the potatoes and let it cook. Sometimes it’s a good idea to put a lid on it, a lid will make it cook a little bit faster. There’s a lid right here, it doesn’t fit particularly well, but that’s ok and at the end of this process, we’re going to have a nutritious lunch.
Now if you wanted to gild the lily, you can put some cheese on top of it, you can add some green peppers or maybe a little ham if you have it around. The classic tortilla is simply eggs and potatoes and onions but there’s nothing that says you can’t add stuff to it.

And at the end of 2 or 3 minutes, there you have a very satisfying and tasty supper or lunch. If you like these tips, check out my other tips on Expert Village.

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