Intensive Advanced 2

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Advanced 2. Book and film reviews.

Have a look at the examples and list of useful vocabulary that you can use when you want to talk about a book or a film. Click here
Click here for basic vocabulary and here and here for instructions, vocabulary and sample reviews. 

Advanced 2. Book Reviews

Have you read "The Life Of Pi"? Have you seen the film? Here you can find a review of the novel. Read the text and then answer the questions below.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Advanced 2. Video: E-books or print books?

Click here. Listen to some people talking about e-books vs print books. Read the transcript below and fill in the gaps with one or two words (select the blanks to see the answers).

1.- Customers walk in and go “ahhh, the smell of books”. I completely underestimated that element of print books.
2.- When you’re moving around like I think a lot of people in our generation do these days, it’s just much more convenient to have sort of a digital device to have all of your books organized in one spot.
3.- There are some customers that just totally want a book to put in their hand. They have the smell of the book, they have the feel of the book. They love a book.
4.- What I like about it so much is that a lot of backlist from writers that you really like and you were sorry that their books were out of print, you couldn’t get them anymore except in collectors’ edition. It’s really nice to have those e-books available again.
5.- Well, I guess I think information is information, and however we get it, is significant.
6.- The amount of people who have e-readers are still buying physical books and there’s some static  only 2 % of the people only read digitally you know, I mean , that doesn’t include just reading books but newspapers or whatever. And so it seems that there’s definitely room for both formats.
7.- People who have e-readers also like a regular book. They love the e-reader and they’re addicted to the e-reader but they also do like regular books.
8.- Some people will say that if they like the book enough or they want to give the book to somebody or they want make notes in the books or they want, you know, just simply, you know, an extra copy that they will, you know, have both.
9.- There are some that I do actually have both ways and the reason I do that is because I either have a copy I’ve had for decades at home that I still love or that’s got marks in it or meditations of various kinds. And I still prefer to read a paper book if I get a chance. But they’re books that I love to have with me where I am as well.
10.- I can’t help but believe that we will always have print books.
11.- I don’t think books are gonna die. That’s not gonna happen. No. I think people really appreciate books.
12.- What we might see is if e-books become more popular, people also might get rid of their older copies of the used books and you might see just more used books.
13.-There’s an analogy, it’s not perfect but an analogy that I like when the camera came out, painting didn’t go away. It will be a different thing in print books, but this industry has been evolving for the last 20 years.
14.- The iPod changed most everyone’s reading. I was listening to music listing because I think partially you could have your collection on one device and shuffle through it, but a book is a longer commitment than a song.

15.- I like to think of what is going on with vinyl records, you know, vinyl records are oddly coming back in some ways a kind of boutique music medium. And everybody thought they were completely died out with the CD, but they haven’t. They’ve actually made this comeback. Paper books, you know, don’t totally get replaced by e-books because it’s part of the experience you can’t just reproduce. 

Advanced 2. Inversion.

Have a look at the grammar explanation (here) and then do the exercises (herehere and here).

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Advanced 2. Technology: E-Books.

Click here and here listen to Sarah and Peter discuss going from paper to e-readers.

Advanced 2. Transformations with modal verbs.

Click here  and here.
And if you still need more practice, you can do the following exercises. Click here and choose "Modal Verbs 1, 2, 3, 4" on the left side of the page.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Advanced 2. Modal verbs

Here you will find more exercises that go with units 4A and 7A.
Modals (revision). Click here.
Modals (revision). Click here.
Probability. Click here.
Speculation and deduction. Click here.
Permission, obligation and necessity. Click here.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Advanced 2. Carnival

If you like Carnival and want to know more about this festival in other parts of the world, take a look at this post. Here you will find a couple of links about how it is celebrated in Trinidad and Tobago: click here and here. While you listen to the interview (click on "Audio Downloads"), you can do the  "Reading Quiz" exercises. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Advanced 2. More on slang

Courtesy of Tomás Cuesta.
Scottish slang: Gerald Butler (here)
Australian slang: Margot Robbit (here)
Boston slang: Mark Wahlberg (here)
British and Australian slang: Naomi Watts (here)

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Advanced 2. Hollywood Icons

Click here, watch the video and fill in the blanks with one or two words. (Select to see the answers).
James Dean
James Dean's considered a Hollywood icon because he appeared in lots of films like 'East of Eden' and 'Rebel without a Cause' where he played a young, dangerous guy. Um, something that a lot of teenagers of the time wanted to be. He had fast cars and a leather jacket and lots of things that made him seem rebellious and dangerous. So, I think that that helped his popularity in those films. I think part of the reason that James Dean is considered a Hollywood icon is because he died young. Um, in his youth, he played lots of characters that were young and dangerous and rebellious. And because he died, we never saw him as an actor grow older and so, part of his mystery is that we've never seen what could've been. Would he have kept that rebellious nature all through his life or would he have gotten old and mellow through the ages? I don't know.
Elizabeth Taylor
The story of Elizabeth Taylor is an interesting one because she started out a child actress. And then she became an adult actress famous for her beauty and her beautiful eyes. Many people think that Cleopatra was her best film, but for me her greatest performance was in 'Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?' - Who's afraid of Virginia....?
She was the first movie star ever to be paid a million dollars for her role in a film. She's been married seven times. Sorry, I think that's eight times, to seven husbands!
Marilyn Monroe
The reason that I think Marilyn Monroe is a fantastic icon is um... that, even now, people are still, er... taking from her. People like Madonna, Kylie, you know. They were inspired by Marilyn Monroe. I think the best film that Marilyn Monroe did was 'Some Like It Hot' And she actually won a Golden Globe.
Everyone talks about Marilyn Monroe as…icon..., and of course, she was very beautiful, and had a very tragic existence, ...very, very brief... But my personal only experience of Marilyn Monroe has been watching 'Gentleman Prefer Blondes'. It was a very long time ago, so I'm not sure if I've got this right. But what I noticed about that film which I found really funny, was... umm, she had this way of just like going up to a guy, um, and saying like asking a really banal question in a very, very husky voice, um, and not, she would never stop moving her lips, even, even when she was not talking she would still move her lips. So she'd go up to someone , and she'd say 'Excuse me Sir ... Can I use the bathroom?' like this, and forever moving her lips, and I couldn't understand it. As a like a guy growing up in the twentieth century, it's the 21st century now, I don't understand how that works but it would leave all these guys in these films absolutely flabbergasted, and they'd go crazy and you know I'm sure back in the fifties, you know it was absolutely outrageous but now it's, I just find it funny.
Marlon Brando
I think Marlon Brando is such a fantastic actor and rightly called a Hollywood icon. Because of the range of roles that he's played. You know he's been in Hollywood since his teens and stayed there making great films all the way through to his fifties and his sixties. I suppose the first time I saw him was in The Godfather where he played Don Corleone who was the head of an Italian Mafia family based in New York and it was such a quiet and sinister role. He had this gentle serene look about him, but at the same time the words that were coming out of his mouth and the things that he would do were quite shocking. It was a very disturbing film to watch.

Well, the thing that struck me most about Marlon Brando was that when you watch a lot of his movies ...especially the ones made in the fifties, was when he started out, it's very striking, that often the other actors are very bad, they're very poor actors. I remember very distinctly, I think even 'Street Car Named Desire' , thinking 'wow this is really corny', and then the moment Brando steps onto the scene, it's 'Oh, now it seems natural.'